Magazin “Paraphilia” (Vol.2)

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Paraphilia magazine is about one question. What is Contemporary BDSM? Paraphilia magazine explores Kink as an idea autonomous from conventional sexuality.

In our Society norms and realities of equality are often manipulated and/or broken to create an exchange that produces ideas of agency and choice while also creating anxiety around the embedded social contradictions. Acts of BDSM are often paradigmatic of the societal constructs operating in the world. This act of manipulating perception through action is the mechanism we are most interested in. All fetishistic endeavours are artistic, as they are done to communicate an emotion that cannot be expressed in any other way. Art is not formed solely through the documentation of these actions. It is created when the abstractions of reality are translated, when the erotic mechanisms are understood and when the reasons for engaging defined. This publication’s objective is to be both a reflection of this community and a way to support it. To give space to people that have something to say. It supports these people by giving them an equal share of the profit made from this publication. Each publication becomes a co-op smut peddling endeavour inspired and devised by the creators that fill its pages. This publication is a gallery, a homage to the journey, a dedication to the people that have given it it’s texture.

Paraphilia Magazine is a co-op publication created to support the new ideas in Kink and the artists and smut peddlers creating them. It is about one question. What is Contemporary BDSM? This publication is a gallery for explorers, a homage to the journey and a dedication to the people that have given it texture.

Work by
Sadie The Sadist / Adreena Angela / Anastasiia Fedorova / Simon Doherty + Kallie / Inside Flesh / Rachel Britton / Luca Federici / IDA J + Berlinable / Georg Barkas / Addie Tahl / Alice LouiseWadsworth / Teresa Geisler / Geoffroy Baud / Sandra Baud / Nonothing.

This project is kept alive by the donations and contributions of our readership. Print is expensive and sexual content is hard to share. If you add a donation, we will include your name/ pseudonym in the patron’s section in the next issue, and our editor will lick honey off your toes.


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