Brustpads aus Silikon von Untag

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Mit den Brustpads aus Silikon könnt ihr den Brustbereich vergrößern. Sie eignen sich für den täglichen Gebrauch. Bitte nur mit warmem Wasser und ph-neutraler Seife waschen und ausschließlich an der Luft trocknen lassen.

  • Material: Silikon
  • Höhe:
  • Breite
  • Gewicht:
  • Farbe: Beige

UNTAG: “UNTAG (originally Trans-Missie) was founded in 2004 by Danaë Kurvers. She started the company because her (trans) brother, who was experiencing dysphoria about his chest, asked her if she could make him a compression top. Danaë gladly took on the challenge and used her sewing experience to develop her first binder for him. More and more people started coming to her for gender-affirming items. What began as a one-room endeavor quickly grew into a larger business with expertise on gender-affirming items. Over the years the company grew and moved offices to its current location in Diemen – Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Fast forward to 2023: UNTAG has grown into a thriving business with a dedicated team. Its’ mission is still the same as it had been when Danaë made her first binder back in 2004: to make gender affirming items that celebrate any and every gender expression – with high quality fabrics and a great eye for detail and comfort. UNTAG products are designed and engineered in Diemen – Amsterdam, responsibly produced by manufacturers in Europe, using fabrics from Belgian and Italian origin.”

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