Buch: Breathe. Journeys to Healthy Binding – von: Maia Kobabe & Sarah Peitzmeier

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A graphic guide to gender affirming care with testimonials and medically sound advice about chest binding from bestselling Gender Queer author Maia Kobabe and University of Michigan professor Sarah Peitzmeier.

Breathe arose from the need for a medically sound resource for folks considering chest binding as gender-affirming care. Its original form was a 32-page digital-only ‘zine that Dr. Peitzmeier used with her patients (it was never publicly available). Peitzmeier and Kobabe saw potential for reaching a wider audience with an expanded version designed to be easily readable as a printed book. This  is the result.

To create Breathe, Peitzmeier interviewed dozens of people of different ages and backgrounds about their journeys with binding, and then she and Kobabe combined excerpts from those interviews with evidence-based resources on binding into this extremely accessible guide. The result is both a practical resource for trans and nonbinary folks and an engaging and perspective-broadening read for anyone interested in what gender-affirming care actually means to people experiencing gender dysphoria.


  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2024
  • Seitenanzahl: 64
  • Einbandart: Softcover
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  • ISBN: 9780593855829
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