Postkarte You’re Welcome Club – Love is Love (rainbow)

2,50  inkl. Mwst.

Größe: Din A6
Material: Umwelt Recycling Papier



Postkarte von Hilde Atalanta aus Amsterdam

DIN A6 Postkarte
Auf Umwelt Recycling Papier gedruckt
Matt bedruckt
Beschreibbare Rückseite
Farbabweichungen sind möglich

You’re Welcome Club: „Is an illustrational project in which I’m celebrating diversity by showing individuals with different kinds of backgrounds, sexualities, gender identities and body shapes. I’m aiming to make a series of illustrations in which people recognise themselves, and I’m putting an emphasis on individuals that aren’t often portrayed. I want people to feel welcome, included, and to know that they belong in our society just like you and me.“

Hilde Atalanta (also creator of @thevulvagallery) a non-binary artist in Amsterdam.

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