Sticker von Louie Läuger – Burn the patriarchy

1,50  inkl. Mwst.



Sticker von Louie Läuger, Illustrator*in aus Leipzig.

  • Menge: 1 Stück
  • Durchmesser: 9,5 cm
  • Farbabweichungen sind möglich
  • printed on vinyl

Tenderrebellions: „My work sits somewhere in the niche between illustration, education and feminism. I address social justice issues in my work and combine these heavy or scary topics with a playful and lighthearted style. I am interested in making things that leave people saying “Oh, now I get it!”

Louie Läuger is a non- binary illustrator from Leipzig. You can find their work on Instagram @tenderrebellions

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